Guardsman Furniture Protection Care Products

Guardsman - Excellence in furniture care since 1915. We know that you care about your new furniture and want to keep it in great condition for as long as possible. Protect your new fabric, leather, wood, and other hard-surface furniture investment from accidental stains and damage with the Guardsman Gold Complete Furniture Protection Plan. Please visit:

Guardsman Furniture Care Products

Get comfortable with Guardsman®
Nothing gives you more confidence and satisfaction than knowing your furniture purchases will remain beautiful and valuable for as long as possible. With the Guardsman® Gold Plan, offered by Good’s Home Furnishings, you will have peace of mind knowing that your new fabric, leather, wood, and many other types of furniture are protected from accidental stains and damage. Our plan provides you with a furniture repair expert when you need one. Guardsman® has a network of thousands of professionals across the United States who can:

- Food and beverage stains
- Household stains
- Ink stains
- Lipstick, nail polish, cosmetics
- Human and pet bodily fluids - Punctures, rips, cuts, tears and burns in most leathers and fabrics
- Burns, heat marks, scratches, and gouges in wood
- Springs, frames, and certain mechanisms

What are customers saying about Guardsman®?
We have been a leader in the furniture protection and care industry for almost 100 years. Consumers trust Guardsman® to help protect their furniture and keep it looking new again without complaint. Whether it is fabric, wood or leather, the goal of our protection plan is to help people to get their furniture looking new again. Get the details about our furniture protection plan from the customers who use them. Read customer reviews.
How do I get a Guardsman® Plan?

When you buy new furniture, Good’s will offer you a Guardsman® Furniture Protection Plan. Your plan must be purchased before you take delivery. Good’s will mail your Guardsman® plan to you so you have assurance that your purchase is protected. Read more:

Protect Your Furniture with Guardsman

Guardsman Protection and Care

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