SHOP VANGUARD Vanguard Furniture is the industry leader in fashion and continues to make good on its name with a vision to ultimately enrich lives through custom-crafted furniture from one velvet chair to endless possibilities. Lead by designers Michael Weiss, Thom Filicia and John Black, Vanguard prides itself on being a fashion leader in the industry. Based in Hickory, NC, its 500 associates build furniture in the tradition that has made North Carolina famous for quality furniture. Vanguard offers a choice of styles from classical to modern, traditional to eclectic, all built for the life you live today. Vanguard Furniture Outlet >

Vanguard Partnership

At Good's Home Furnishings we make it our mission to showcase only the most trusted and established brands in the country and around the world. This is what makes our showrooms so unique; they offer our customers a wide range of well-known, distinguished brands. The Vanguard Furniture line helps you create your dream home with quality, stylish furniture that's affordable and beautiful.

Vanguard Furniture Stores

Good's is proud to offer Vanguard Furniture in Charlotte NC and Hickory, NC. Vanguard is a family held company in Hickory and High Point NC. Vanguard Furniture creates fashion-driven, style-leading home furnishings products. Vanguard by definition is a leader and a trend setter in the Furniture Industry. Vanguard's vision is to ultimately enrich lives by providing custom-crafted furniture offering distinct design, texture, value and personalized service.

Vanguard Furniture is known as a people-oriented company. Vanguard's family atmosphere is apparent from manufacturing, customer service and throughout it's national sales force. As a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, Vanguard's green initiatives include recycling 95% of all post manufacturing waste - recycling paper, fabric scraps, metal, wood scrap, plastic and corrugated products. We view being sustainable as a way of life. We live by the motto, "Do it right the first time, every time". Vanguard offers endless personalized possibilities with their custom furniture fabrics, trims, cushion options, style options, leather, finish options, custom embroidery and much more.

Vanguard Furniture Selection

Good's Home Furnishings is proud to showcase Vanguard Furniture for an affordable price. Vanguard Furniture specializes in living room, dining room and bedroom furniture catagories including: Vanguard Sofas, Vanguard Sectionals, and Vanguard Beds. Good's Home Furnishings is committed to Vanguard in our flagship showroom in Hickory, NC and our 25,000 square foot gallery in Charlotte, NC. Good's also operates the Vanguard Factory Outlet in the Hickory Furniture Mart, Hickory, NC. Come see Vanguard Furniture for yourself and you'll see why they are so distinguished in the Home Furnishings Industry.

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The Vanguard Furniture brand is one of our top selling furniture lines and we would love for you to come and browse our extensive inventory. Come visit us at Good's Showroom location in Charlotte, NC and Hickory, NC.

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