SHOP JAIPUR RUGS > Jaipur Rugs is a family business, built on a bed-rock of values of its founder NK Chaudhary. It is driven to work with and tap into the creative capacity of those in society who have so far remained under represented. Their artisans are the pride of Jaipur Rugs. Every smile and every blessing is an affirmation of our purpose. Jaipur Living Rugs is a creation of love, dreams, aspirations and courage anchored by one vision. Embracing purity in its essence from root to body, this is a family of people filled with passion, integrity and empathy driven by its motto "service to the community". "Let goodness, fairness and most importantly, love prevail in business; profits will inevitably follow." NK Chaudhary - Jaipur Living Rug Company...

Jaipur Rugs

Jaipur Living Rug Company

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